Short Review – SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is a term increasingly met. SEO encompasses a sum of actions to be taken by website owners to assure their pages are not lost in the deep vastness of the internet and search engines turn them up as results as high as possible. The most important factor to influence SEO is, of course, the quality of the content.

Getting past the basics and setup and talk about the daily usage. What are the thing to avoid in order to help your SEO or, at least, not to harm it?

1. Predictability (because it kills traffic). Approach issues from several angles and create a diverse content. It will certainly attract a lot of different types of people.

 2. Too many quirks (ie too many pictures and commercials, animations everywhere, a menu that’s too wide etc). Keep things simple to earn your readers’ loyalty. Too many quirks and a heavy navigation will banish them forever.

3. Lack of empathy. Of course your site is primarily about you, but not trying to walk in the visitor’s shoes is a capital mistake. So give up the egocentric, dull and boring articles.

4. No links. Perhaps you are lazy or selfish and that’s why you don’t have any links, but this has to stop now. Internal linking helps search engines to better index your website and outgoing links can attract incoming links.

5. Articles lacking substance. As we already said before, Google and other search engines are big fans of quality content. By writing common and irrelevant articles, you will never be more than just one of the many. You readers should always learn something from you.

These are some of the most common mistakes we meet online, and the solutions are nothing more than common sense and good conduct. However, in our crusade against poor content, we felt the need to lay them here.

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