Many bloggers are using AdSense and affiliate marketing to generate revenue from their website, but, as you would probably guess, the solid income comes from working with brands. Let’s assume you were noticed by a brand. How can you make sure this will be a healthy and long collaboration? Please read on.

Understanding endorsement

If you agreed on working with a brand, by default, you become the brand’s endorser. Keep in mind that writing a promo advertorial on your blog and throw a few links here and there will not suffice.

Let us give you an example. Let’s say Coca Cola contacted you for a collaboration. Big company, great money, nothing could make you happier. But, and this is a big but, are you ready to endorse this? It means you are not to be seen ever again drinking a Pepsi, you cannot trash other Coca Cola campaigns, and you cannot sign with any of the competitors. Sometimes these are stipulated in the contract. Sometimes they aren’t, but it’s common sense. Respect the brand!

Hits and relevance

Many bloggers consider the most important metric to be the number of hits their blog is getting on a daily basis. Of course, this has relevance, but it’s far from being the ultimate number.

In traditional advertising, things are not as clear as they are online. For example, if you buy an ad space in a newspaper, you can know how many issues are sold (extrapolating to blogging these are the hits), but there is no way of knowing how many people actually read the article. Now, with online tracking tools, it’s easy to accurately quantify the number of clicks, the conversion, time spent on site or bounce rate.

Give and receive

Brands are willing to pay ONLY for something in return. Whether that is awareness, recognition, sales increase etc. Be fair with them as well as with yourself – What do you have to offer.

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