Many have written about affiliate marketing and many will write from now on. However, the one thing that is so hard to find is a text explaining what are the pros and cons. So this is exactly what we are going to do.

Affiliate marketing is a marketing system that has three major players: advertiser, affiliate and client.

The advertiser is the one who wants to promote its products or services, or simply, someone who wants to sell something.

The affiliate is the one that promotes the advertiser’s products or services (through the company’s web site) and who gets a commission from generated sales.

The client is the one who reaches the advertiser’s website, by the affiliate’s proxy, and may initiate an order, register, subscribe, etc.

Why Use affiliate marketing to earn money with your blog? Firstly because the work environment is 100% secure, you get consistent technical support and you take advantage of the most advanced technology. Not neglected the fact that an affiliate can promote several brands and a very wide products and services.

From the company’s point of view this method is very efficient. The affiliate is paid only when consumers actually buy something and not when someone clicks an ad or a number of views is reached. A high reach doesn’t guarantee conversion!

From the consumer’s point of view this method has both good and unpleasant aspects. The positive side is that you can have access to information really fast and you can choose from dozens of commercials, the desired product. So you know what to buy and where to buy it from, all you need is money in your pockets. The second positive aspect would be the good feeling of  helping others – perhaps fellow bloggers – to earn money.

The negative aspect arises when bloggers tend to overuse affiliate marketing and the ads, as hidden as they might be, become nagging.

Anyway, by weighing pros and cons, we can conclude this is a very good system as long as you don’t abuse it.

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