As you probably know by now, landing pages are a priceless asset, especially in marketing/promotion related activities. Since recently, the sole purpose of a landing page was to gather information. For instance, using such a page will help analyse better the metrics in your Google Analytics account. However, as most web-related thing have, landing pages have evolved. Now, in all the Internet clutter, yours has to stand up, to be compelling and persuasive, to give valuable information and, eventually, to generate conversion.


So how do you create the perfect landing page (to be used in campaigns, paid ads, social media or email blasts)? Here is a tip list:

One page. One offer.

Stick to the point and don’t confuse your customers with many offers. Of course, you want to sell as much as you possibly can, but don’t try to do it through your landing page. Here’s an example: if you are selling – say – cutlery. Don’t flood the page with plates and glasses offers. You can, however, add a “you may also be interested in” section.


Your offers should be, above all things, honest and clear. Don’t overdesign or overwrite!

Smart Call to Action

The CTAs should be as clear as possible. Don’t make the customer visit unnecessary pages. Rather, use CTAs like “Get now”, “Download now”, “Subscribe”, “Purchase”, “Add to Cart” etc.

The power of visuals

A large block of text is not that appealing. Make sure you use some representative images and videos.


Make sure you embed a contact/inquiry form in your landing page, so your customers don’t need to go to the contact section.

Thank you pages

Thank you pages are useful for a number of reasons. First of all, they have tracking value (you can set conversion goals in GA using the TY pages), you can upsell or provide additional information.

One thing to remember: Always test! Analyse your visitors’ behavior and see what needs to be changed!

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