So you have a blog populated with articles – hopefully good ones – and you are thinking whether it is the right time to start using advertisements to generate revenue. Is there a “perfect moment” to start doing this? Classic scenario, but we are here to help you with all the advice you need.

You have two choices: either start displaying ads from the very beginning, or wait until your site has a large number of visitors. Arguments exist for both situations.

 Displaying advertisements from the first days of life

The reasoning is simple – the more quickly you start the more good things you learn on the go. Also, you will not deceive anyone’s expectations since your visitors have become accustomed to the ads from the beginning.

Placing ads after blog has a considerable number of readers 

You may do this because your blog is already well positioned in search engine results, and the number of visitors gives it relevance, ergo you can get a better price.

Which of the two judgments is correct and which is wrong? Neither one nor the other, since the success of a blog monetization involves a few other issues that need to be taken into account:

– The number of visitors may vary from one niche to another and 1,000 unique on a particular blog can weigh more than 10,000 on another.

– Regular visitors (subscribers) are of utmost importance. If you do manage to make them come back for every new article, you’re good to go with ads.

– Original content will always be favored over the articles copied from other source.

– A blog suffocated by too many advertisements is chaotic and inhospitable, not to say downright repulsive.

This means that the decision to place advertisements on the blog is not one to take after a boost and just because you were planning to make money fast. Blogging is, above all, an activity that should be relaxing, so don’t make it a duty. Consistently post quality content, be sure to retain your readers, learn from the mistakes of others and allow yourself to feel when the right time for commercials comes. There are no absolute answers here.

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