When analyzing a website, one of the fist things we look for is the blog. Blogs are great for individuals who want to express themselves, but they are equally useful for companies as well. Now, we’ve been asked by many why should they start a blog on their company’s website and, most importantly, what should they blog about. We are here to share some knowledge and answer these two questions.

Why should I engage in business blogging?

1. Fresh content!

As we all know by now, Google is very keen of fresh content. When you have a presentation website, is very hard to come up with new content on a regular basis, especially if your services remain the same for a long period of time, like it happens for most companies. Here is where a blog comes in handy. It’s your way to generate new content for your website that’s also useful for your visitors.

2. Educate your audience!

People are fed up with sales pitches. Now, they want to be served with useful information, just as we explained in our article about content marketing.

3. Authority

For a user that’s doing some research about your company, finding a lot of industry-related content from you will make the company look like an expert in the field. And that’s what you want!

4. A place to organize your content

If you chose a minimalist design with just the essential information on it, you need a place where you can talk a bit more about what you are doing. A blog is the perfect place to do that.

5. Get personal!

If, once in a while, you post inside stuff on your blog, visitors will feel closer to you. For instance, you can post some pictures from the last team building or Christmas party, you can announce when you hired a new team member or tell the people about your CSR campaigns.


1. Research thoroughly before posting. Make sure your content is accurate and not in any way deceiving.

2. Create real content. Writing just for the sake of writing is not helping you, nor the visitors.

3. Optimize. Make sure your blog posts are optimized SEO-wise.

4. Carefully choose your titles. Your title should act like a hook that grabs he reader’s attention and the first paragraph should explain what he is going to find in the rest of the article.

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