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Do you know what the “blank page syndrome” is? It’s when the blogger stares at the white page and has no idea what to write about. As you are probably accustomed so far, we have a solution for that. Wouldn’t… Continue Reading →

Advertorials – Working with a brand

Many bloggers are using AdSense and affiliate marketing to generate revenue from their website, but, as you would probably guess, the solid income comes from working with brands. Let’s assume you were noticed by a brand. How can you make… Continue Reading →

Fatal mistakes in blogging

We all sometimes wonder why the success of some is brilliant while others are struggling in obscurity even though they have been working for years in the blogosphere. Some of them are writing consistently and correctly, but they still seems to lack… Continue Reading →

Credibility and visitor loyalty

There are millions of blogs on the Internet and their number is significantly growing as we speak, but, obviously, not all off them are popular ad attract hundreds of thousands of views on a daily basis. In fact, 95% of the… Continue Reading →

Google Analytics for Beginners

We have discussed about promoting your blog and driving traffic towards it, but how do we track results? Of course, we can see the engagement in the comments, shares and so on, but what is the best way to have… Continue Reading →

Bloggers! Update now!

When it comes to SEO on a WordPress blog, we always recommend All-In-One SEO Pack. And it’s not just us, this plugin has great popularity in our industry and in those alike. How else would you explain the fact that… Continue Reading →

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