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Advertorials – Working with a brand

Many bloggers are using AdSense and affiliate marketing to generate revenue from their website, but, as you would probably guess, the solid income comes from working with brands. Let’s assume you were noticed by a brand. How can you make… Continue Reading →

Youtube monetization

Since you are reading articles on this blog, we believe it is safe to assume you are looking to generate revenue. In this article, we are going to offer you an alternative (yet related) channel to make profit: YouTube. Of… Continue Reading →

6 Ways to protect your WordPress site against hackers

When starting a blog, people usually think about making them functional, good looking and full of great content. In this euphoria, many people forget about security though. This is usually a beginner’s mistake,  since they are always asking “Of all… Continue Reading →

Webmasters – How to optimize bandwidth consumption

We know it’s not saving water or recycling plastic, but bandwidth consumption is a serious issue for us internet-loving people. 🙂 So yes, we came across many questions and not that many responses, so we thought it would be a… Continue Reading →

How to get startup ideas

Startups are rocketing towards the highest peaks in the business sector and with all the successful stories we keep reading about online, naturally, we all think of how we can make it happen for ourselves. There is no recipe for… Continue Reading →

Affiliate Marketing 101

Do you know what the difference is between a “blogger” and a “pro-blogger”? They might target the same audience, their writing might be of striking similarity and the subjects discussed alike, but a pro-blogger, as opposed to an amateur blogger,… Continue Reading →

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