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SEO- Search Engine Optimization


Google PageRank explained

The PR – from PageRank, not Public Relations – gives a lot of headaches to bloggers, agencies and companies that want to promote their products or services in this sector. Basically, we have one...


Bloggers, be careful!

As bloggers, one of the most beautiful things about doing this is the ability of expressing ourselves without restrain. After all, the press is free and each individual has the freedom of expression. On...


5 SEO/Content Mistakes that are easy to avoid

Short Review – SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is a term increasingly met. SEO encompasses a sum of actions to be taken by website owners to assure their pages are not lost in...


SEO Audit – Website Analysis

The Internet is full of SEO articles, but, unfortunately, most of them offer incorrect information. Many so-called SEO-experts are using black-hat techniques that are likely to attract penalties. We are here to change that....


SEO optimization for your blog

Nowadays, with Google constantly changing its algorithms, SEO is blurrier than ever. This discipline used to be very simple. A lot of links (anywhere) + a lot of keyword meant a good ranking. Luckily...