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PipsTycoon Dividends August 2016

PipsTycoon Dividends August 2016   Monthly dividends payout has been executed at the end of the month, to all shareholders of the game shares (GASH). In August 2015 value of game shares reached $0.0018 per share and could be observed steady increase… Continue Reading →

PipsTycoon introduces counter-measures against using scripts and auto clickers

counter-measures against using scripts and auto clickers On 19th August 2016 PipsTycoon has introduced counter-measures, against using scripts and auto clickers and fast refreshers. This is due to reducing unnecessary high loads on the game, to provide best experience to… Continue Reading →

Blog advertising – how soon is “too soon”?

So you have a blog populated with articles – hopefully good ones – and you are thinking whether it is the right time to start using advertisements to generate revenue. Is there a “perfect moment” to start doing this? Classic… Continue Reading →

Choosing your WordPress Theme – Guide

So you want to start a blog on WordPress. You have your domain, you set up a hosting account and you installed WP. Now you are staring at Twenty Eleven (the WP default theme), but it’s definitely not what you… Continue Reading →

Easiest way to track keyword position in google

For any search engine optimization operation to be successful, keyword ranking that is present in google is very important. By searching the ranking, you are able to better understand the position that you and your competitors are presently in. Traffic… Continue Reading →

The art of creating a compelling landing page

As you probably know by now, landing pages are a priceless asset, especially in marketing/promotion related activities. Since recently, the sole purpose of a landing page was to gather information. For instance, using such a page will help analyse better… Continue Reading →

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