As a blogger, if you have some degree of success, we are more than sure that you already received emails from advertisers. If not, keep up the good work and you will receive collaboration offers. Now, many bloggers are jeopardizing their contracts because they don’t know how to communicate to the advertisers. We’re here to help you with some advice.

So how do you communicate to advertisers?

The communication doesn’t actually start on the email, but on your very blog. Make sure you listed all your contact details somewhere where an advertiser can easily find them. Also, you should post some personal details about yourself, such as the city you are currently residing in (this is very useful for local campaigns), your age etc. With a little information about yourself, advertisers will be able to assess better if you are in their target or not. Another good idea might be to post a page of policies you can refer your advertisers to. Write what you do, what you don’t, what you could endorse or not. You will save yourself a lot of time by not having to explain to everyone why you have to refuse a certain advertising campaign.

Be polite and respond fast. This may seem to be basic common sense, but it’s a rule some often overlook. Don’t let the emails pile up and don’t let advertisers wait for your response.

Another important thing is to keep your word. If you promised an advertiser something, make sure you can deliver.

The collaboration ends only after you provided the monitorization. What really matters to advertisers are numbers, so even if they are not explicitly asking for this, you should send them a summary with the results. This may mean the number of clicks, engagement, social buzz or whatever is relevant.

Remember, it only takes an unhappy advertiser to spread the word among others, so be careful!

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