There are millions of blogs on the Internet and their number is significantly growing as we speak, but, obviously, not all off them are popular ad attract hundreds of thousands of views on a daily basis. In fact, 95% of the blogs are still in the shadows. Hoping you want to be part of the other 5%, we are going to dive into one of the most important aspects that attracts traffic and, most importantly, makes visitors return.

Visitor loyalty is of utmost importance, so here are some tips to achieve it:

Design and user experience

At the first glance, the typical user will firstly evaluate the design. A clean design and an intuitive navigation will score a lot of points for you. Make sure your content layout is well structured so that is easy to read and also add a search box. On a blog with thousands of articles, a search box is absolutely crucial.


Quality! Quality! Quality! We just can’t stress this enough. We know it is very hard to write great content every day, but you should skip rather than write something that has no relevance for your readers. Perhaps some of your subscribers will forgive you once or twice, but a new visitor will judge you based on that piece of poor writing.

Watch your grammar! Auto-correct can help you only so much!


Be caring an polite towards your visitors. Your success depends on their experience on the blog. Never should you be rude or raise your voice (don’t do THIS!!!). If you don’t agree with someone, use arguments to support that.


Don’t forget the contact section. You should provide an email address or, at least, a contact form for your visitors to send you their thoughts, suggestion, complaints or, on the contrary, their compliments. And use social media for both interaction and increased exposure.


Make sure your blog is fully functional. Broken links or stubborn captcha codes are very frustrating,


Last, but not least, be consistent. Keep a dynamic rhythm in your postings and always express your opinions  clearly and simply!

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