We know you are used to more technical articles on this blog, but the war with the haters is not something we can overlook when it comes to blogging.

When you start blogging, you put yourself out more than you think. Don’t fool yourself, even though you are just presenting facts without any personal opinion attached to them, there will be someone to criticize you. Why did you write so little on the subject? Why didn’t you write more? The subject is dull. The product you are presenting is good for nothing and so one.

You can’t please anyone. You may be aware of that, but in your ideal world, people who don’t like you will simply stop reading. Well, you’re wrong. Haters will get very vocal, trying to outsmart you.

The internet has become a gruesome place, where anyone can step over dead bodies and hit you with his or her own opinion, which, obviously, will be better than yours (please see the sarcasm here).

We are not going to lie to you. It will hurt like hell, no matter how hard you try not to let it affect you. But there are some tricks to manage it without spotting your reputation in the process.

  1. Never answer right away. If you received a hateful comment, wait for at least 24 hours before replying to it. This way, you will allow yourself to cool off and you won’t regret saying something in the heat of the moment.
  2. Your blog is your house, so feel free to kick out anyone. We are not fans of moderating comments, as long as they are civilized. However, if someone curses or offends us or other commenters, we are going to delete the comment. Be gone!
  3. Don’t try to over-justify yourself. Some people won’t get and will keep their opinion no matter how strong your arguments are.
  4. Try to keep a harmonious environment in the comments section. Never instigate!
  5. Haters can be anyone, but sometimes they may be people you know, people you admire or even people that are close. Be careful not to destroy relationships over a blog article.
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