Searching for free designer tools? We have an idea!

Dear bloggers, we know you want your blogs to be not only a powerful informational source, but also a work of art design-wise, so we are going to offer you some designer tools in our articles. Of course, we are well aware of the fact that not everyone is talented at drawing, like not everyone is familiar with the all time classics Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator etc. However, there is something we can all do to make our work space more presentable.

Today, we are going to introduce to you a brand new design app that can help you. We are talking about Gravit. If you haven’t heard about it, don’t worry, it was launched a short while ago, but we think it deserves your attention.

Why would we search an alternative?

We mentioned above the Adobe suite, one of the most powerful design tools available at the moment. How could Gravit be better? It won’t be, at least not for everyone. However, the Adobe products are not exactly cheap and most people use them just for simple design tasks, which don’t justify the price. Gravit is at it’s third beta yet, and can be downloaded on the official website. What’s the best thing? It’s free!

What is Gravit?

 “Gravit has been custom designed from the ground up with an emphasis on versatility, fluidity and elegance – complex design tasks are made simple through its robust suite of tools and highly responsive smart work environment,” sais the team.

It’s the power of a suite (well, almost) condensed into a snug app-sized package.



The app has not reached its final release version, but the beta can be downloaded for free. Quasado, the German company responsible for this pretty awesome app made it available for Mac, Windows and Linux. Want to know what’s really great about this? It’s available as a Chrome app and it can be accessed right in your browser. Now that’s what we call flexibility!