Not all the bloggers have profound knowledge of the more technical issues. Many of you, we are sure, started a blog just because you were passionate about writing, without paying much attention to the platform. Perhaps you had a friend to help you out setting up a hosted WordPress blog, but you now think it would be nice to move to a dedicated domain, like What do you have to do first? Buy a domain and a hosting package. Well, this poses a lot of problems for those who are more artists than technicians. Do you know the difference between hosting and domain? Let us explain.

To better understand the essence, think of it this way: your blog is your house. Now, your house is where you keep all your stuff, like furniture and personal items. This is the hosting. It’s either a whole physical server or a part of it that will store all your files. Now, if you want someone to visit you at home, you will need to give them the address. That’s the domain name. Nothing more than just an address pointing to the server where your friends’ browsers will find the files that form your blog.

How to transfer files onto the server?

Typically, the transfer between your computer and the server is carried via FTP. This is a protocol used for transferring files through a network. When you buy a hosting package, the company will provide you the FTP server address, a username and the password. All you need to do is enter this data into a FTP Client (a dedicated program you can find on the internet, like Transmit, Total Commander or CuteFTP) then copy files from your computer just like you would normally.

How do I link the domain to the hosting address?

How does the domain know how to point in the right direction? When receiving the information from the hosting company, you will also get one, two, three or four Name Server address. They will look something like All you need to do is access your domain dashboard (user/pass and details provided when you buy it) and fill in the Name Servers in the dedicated area. Shouldn’t be hard to find.

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