For any search engine optimization operation to be successful, keyword ranking that is present in google is very important. By searching the ranking, you are able to better understand the position that you and your competitors are presently in. Traffic Travis, Cute rank, SEO SERP Workbench are major paid keyword rank sarching tools lighting the market at present. There reviews regarding the outputs are quite convincing and adopting one can be a good call.

For those who wants to give this approach a try first they can hunt for the free resources but that limits the extent of features.

Further in this article we have enhanced more on SEO SERP which is basically an extension for google chrome. This rank tracking tool helps in finding out the rank of your page in Google result page. This tools tells about the top most positions and bottom most positions of the websites that are there for a particular keyword.

For initial use of this tool, you have to first install this extension on google chrome. After installing this extension, you have to simply go to the google search page and type all the keywords that you want to track. A time period of one day is needed before the results are displayed.

With the passage of time SERP trends loaded the tool with many extra features like Whois, Semcompete report, similar sites, robots.txt, organic traffic, Adwords keywords, page rank and Alexa ranking. So go ahead and start a better approach for blogging.