When social networks appeared, many (too many) company owners and marketers made a rookie mistake. They saw these networks – Facebook especially – as free advertising tool.


So what happened? Since everyone was on Facebook, companies joined in soon. They all created pages (of personal profiles they used for business – but let’s not get into that) and started posting. Most of them did a terrible job. And this is how the Social Media jobs appeared- basically, at that point, any social media savvy with a proper PR training could have become an expert. It was the beginning of a new era.

As always, some of the companies invested into this and some of them even created special departments for this. Smart move! On the other hand, many owners said something like this: “Why pay someone to post stuff on Facebook?! It’s a no-brainer, I can do that, so can anyone!”. And that’s how pictures with cats ended up on company pages.

And our story hits the bumpy part. Time passed and Facebook updated. The reach dropped drastically and companies without SM budget were put in front of a big decision: drop Facebook or start investing?

We gave you a little bit of history to better understand how things are currently working on Facebook. When you share something on your company’s page, that post is seen by somewhere around 3% of the total amount of fans. Of course, if there is engagement, this percentage rises. But to think that if you have 20k fans (who liked your page) it guarantees a 20k ad-reach is beyond naive.

So what is there to do? Use Facebook ads! They are cheap and they offer some pretty good tools to filter your target.

Who do they work for? B2C oriented businesses.

Keep an eye on our blog and we will explain in a future post why B2B doesn’t really work on Facebook and how you can target to get a good ROI (return on investment).

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