We all sometimes wonder why the success of some is brilliant while others are struggling in obscurity even though they have been working for years in the blogosphere. Some of them are writing consistently and correctly, but they still seems to lack any of the necessary ingredients for success. There are some mistakes that bloggers do, sometimes without even acknowledging it. We’ll highlight a few in hopes that they will be more and more rare.

 – Grant huge importance to the title. The title is the hook that catches the reader. However, don’t mislead him (as tabloids do).

– Write for people, not for search engines. Don’t become that robot that obsessively uses keywords in the text.

– Don’t transform your blog into something very personal. It’s ideal to express your opinions towards certain things or to share some of your experiences. It’s natural and recommended. But nobody wants to know what you had for breakfast or what uninteresting things your cat did the other day.

– Naturally, you will be tempted to follow successful examples. Having a mentor is great, but don’t walk the same trodden paths. Readers are constantly on the look for something fresh and new. Be that someone who offers exactly this.

– If you are not certain you have thoroughly documented the subject, don’t write! Incorrect information is not something your readers would leave unpunished. People want to be thought and well informed; make sure they feel rewarded after reading your posts rather than tricked into clicking something written with superficiality.

– Last, but not least, learn from your mistakes as well as from the mistakes of others. If you did something wrong, make sure you take full responsibility and take all necessary measures to never repeat the same mistake.

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