Hello and welcome to our tutorial site for PipsTycoon!

This site was created by Olddeath and Killam in order to help other players learn the ropes of PipsTycoon. we have over 10 years combined experience in economic simulators and real money games and we have been among the few players to play PipsTycoon.

the game is very complex and one of the main things you need in order to make a profit is to read 5 times and click after. Most of the players do not bother with calculations, analysing the market, conditions etc. and find out the hard way it is required :).


first things first.

You must verify your account via sms. In order to do that, go to work page and press work. it will open a pop-up and ask you to enter your cellphone number. enter it and wait for a sms containing a code. If it does not arrive in under a minute, press the i did not receive code button and send a sms to that number ( +44 7624 803 705 ) containing your username and nothing but your username. after that you can work.

After a few days you will need to raise your energy in order to work. It may be difficult at times, but trust me when i say it is worth every effort to work everyday to increase you experience. Once you have it at around 15, you will most likely be in the green.will explain more in the work tutorial.

Your goal should be to get your energy as high as possible. What you earn in the first 1-2 weeks should go exclusively towards that goal.

There are 2 reasons energy is important. One, it is the main factor in how much you earn from wages. Secondly, it determines how much % you get in taxes from your referrals. 10% of your energy is the amount u get from them. so if you have 47 energy, you will get 4.7% from your referrals.

Other tips and tricks you will find in the tips and tricks tutorial

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