Startups are rocketing towards the highest peaks in the business sector and with all the successful stories we keep reading about online, naturally, we all think of how we can make it happen for ourselves. There is no recipe for success, but we can provide you a guideline that will help you find the brilliant idea.


Don’t start with a brainstorming!

When trying to come up with a new idea, people often sit at the table and put ideas out there. While this is a good idea for many other sectors, it’s not a very good approach when it comes to finding an idea for a startup.

Look for problems!

Imagining a product and later figuring out how to sell it is the worst possible idea. Look for problems and inefficient processes. Start with a segment of people and find out what they really need. Work on needs and problems that already exist, don’t try creating them.

Be original!

We can’t tell you how often we’ve heard “This will be the new Facebook” or “This will be the new WhatsApp”. Don’t try recreating something that already exists. You will fail for sure. For example, after 2084 (the game) became a global phenomenon, hundreds of slightly altered versions appeared. Where they successful? No.

Do what you know!

The fastest path is the path you know. Do what you do best, put passion and results will come. Evolve, learn, surpass yourself, but don’t start from scratch. It will take time and you won’t have the experience to rely on.

Finally: Find ideas by not searching for them.

Many of the people who developed startups that are now very successful never expected them to turn out this way. They all took a niche (i.e. Facebook was firstly designed for Harvard students exclusively) and they responded to a need. What happened next was beautiful and unexpected. Because the products were so good, they expanded, they grew organically and they became colossal brands. Don’t try to plan a strategy for 10 years, just focus on making something useful for the people who need it.

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