Google announced in October 2014, a pretty interesting set of updates to their Google Analytics and remarketing services. We are going to break down the information and analyse the new opportunities the new Google October 2014 update is offering in the following article.

Enhanced Audience Capabilities for Apps

Some great news for mobile app developers. Google brings audience demographics, interests reporting and remarketing possibilities for apps in GA.

“We need analytics to help us understand who our users are, how they interact with our application, how our application performs. With all that knowledge, we want to apply different monetization strategies to different kinds of users,” said Hovhannes Avoyan, founder of PicsArt at Google I/O.

Web app developers are now able to analyse specific demographic and interests stats with in-app reporting. Find out more here .

Dynamic Remarketing

Google announced they are going to roll out (over the next few weeks) dynamic remarketing to all verticals. We are talking about education, jobs, hotels, real estate classifieds and so on. Dynamic remarketing was firstly released for retailers and, according to Google, many important advertisers had better results and significantly more profits thanks to the system.

The principle of dynamic remarketing is showing the user specifically tailored ads featuring certain products they already viewed on the advertisers’ websites or similar products they may be interested in. For instance, if you looked at a pair of Converse shoes last week, you may very well see a lot of ads featuring Converse shoes or similar products from now on.

As for the results, they are saying that Beta clients were able to double their conversion rate and experienced a 60% reduction in CPA.

One of the examples  given by Google is Hotel Urbano, with a single ad showing the user the most relevant travel package. The results are: Improved return on investment (38%) and  415% more revenue compared to standard remarketing.

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