The PR – from PageRank, not Public Relations – gives a lot of headaches to bloggers, agencies and companies that want to promote their products or services in this sector.

Basically, we have one analysis metric that people don’t understand and don’t know how to use. Sometimes, its importance is very overrated, but we’ll get to that later in this article.

So what exactly is this PageRank? 

Roughly, it is an algorithm used by Google to determine – not very well, if we might add – the value of a website based on the number of incoming links. The premise here would be the fact that a valuable website is more likely to be linked by other resources.

Another thing few are aware of, is the importance of internal linking. When calculating the PR, these are also taken into consideration.

There is no need to get into mathematical formulas here. The algorithm does the job it was created for, but why is it wrong to judge the value based on PR only?

 First, you should keep in mind that Google uses other algorithms to determine relevance and authority as well. If, at some point, it was enough to have a lot of incoming links to rank well in SERPs, we now live in an era where you might get a serious burn from “evil” algorithms like Panda and Penguin. What was the spammers’ haven became their hell.

However, this is still a good way to superficially determine if a website is worth your money or not. It’s great for the first rough selection.

Passing PageRank

The more valuable your link sources are, the higher the PageRanke. If websites with high PR link you, this will help your own rating. Based on the same principle, if poor websites have links towards you, this will hurt your reputation.

But what about passing PR from an old domain to a new one. Let’s say you have a .com domain and you wish to change it to for instance. If you worked really hard to earn your online reputation, it would be a shame to lose it, wouldn’t it? Don’t worry, a 301 redirect will pass on all the value. Penalties as well, if that’s the case.

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