Prerequisites on How to install WordPress blog/site:

-domain name , and DNS (Domain Name Server) address  set to point to your preferred host

-hosting account preferable with Cpanel access

-minimum knowledge about site structure, also you can ask here if you feel you need more details about anything.

Step 1: Download the WordPress installation package 

WordPress is free open source platform and you can easily download it via

Step 2: Upload the WordPress files to your server

After downloading on your computer, you can extract the files and upload to your server in the required directory (site directory) with the help of File uploading software like FileZilla or you can upload compressed file via Cpanel File Manager and extract the same after uploading.

Step 3: Create a MySQL Database for WordPress to use

Once the files have been uploaded, create database for your website. Keep a note of these details as these will be used in later steps.

Step 4: Go through the installation process

Finally here is the last step. Enter the details as asked, sample shown below. Fill up the database information and click on install WordPress.

If all went smoothly, your new installed blog with default theme will be available when you access your site.

Step 5: Ask me if you encountered any problem or have more questions 🙂

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