Mommy blogging – personal, yet niched.

We, as people, have a strange desire to stick our noses in other people’s lives. With blogging, this became more than easy to do, but, with time, exposing one’s life on the internet became sort of dull, unless you did something extraordinary. Actually, no one cares where you spend your vacation or whether you did get that promotion or not.

Does this mean that personal blogging is dying? Not at all, not if you find that niche you can actually help. One of this niches is the “mommy blogging”.

Why are mom bloggers so successful? Easy, because having a baby scares us, and we are always trying to find someone whose experiences can help us. They might have inspiring advice, comforting words, cool tips and tricks and funny stories.

Can I succeed just by letting you know what my kid is doing? No. We are going to be a little harsh here, but you need to understand this. No one cares about your kid. All your readers want is information they can apply in raising their kid.They will read every single word you write hoping they will be better than you, and that’s natural. It may sound unpleasant, but you are doing the same.

Don’t brag! Your child is wonderful, we get it, but stop bragging about it. Most of your readers have or plan on having children of their own, and for them, they will be a little miracle, not yours.

Help in any way you can! Share your experience. Don’t be afraid to tell where you went wrong.

Don’t overshare. Really, don’t! There are some details that have to remain in the intimacy of your home, so stay away from…some details.

Why is it so great to be a mommy blogger? For starters, you can find the time to do it and second, it’s your universe, a universe that you are discovering and conquering. Why not share your knowledge?

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