You most likely already heard about niche blogging and, we guarantee it, you have read at least one of them. This one.

It doesn’t matter if you start a blog to make a profit or just for your personal pleasure, one thing will remain certain: you need someone to read it, otherwise you would write content in a notebook. Although this is very obvious, many new bloggers don’t ask themselves who is going to read their content, who will subscribe and who will share?

Of course, you can start writing and wait for the people to gather around you. But there is another way. A faster and better one, which we will describe below.

Research a niche.

Writing for a certain niche (World of Warcraft fans, for example), saves you years of hard work. Think about it, the audience is already targeted, engaged and eager to learn something new. If we take the same “WoW” example, Blizzard already did the hard work. All you have to do is plunder.

What do you know best?

Of course, not every niche will be a good one for you. For example, if you are a regular guy with no interest whatsoever in girly stuff, you won’t start a beauty blog. Although we are acting like “Captain Obvious” here, someone needs to say all these.

Write down everything you excel in, no matter how stupid it may sound at the moment. Programming, cooking, pigeon breeding, painting, mouse psychology or wind patterns in Antarctica and so on.

Choose a few keywords related to the subject and use the Google Keyword Planner to see their success online, based on the search volume.

So why is it more profitable?

You will build your audience faster and with less resources! Also, if you choose the right type of advertising (proper for the niche), you can generate revenue in no time.

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