Raw Materials Prices Goes Nuts in PipsTycoon

In just past few days, prices of raw materials like gas, oil, electricity went up, by at least doubling they price tag.

So have a look on recent changes

Oil Market Go Up

Electricity Prices Triples from $0.06 to $0.15 per unit.

Gas Market Prices Go Up

Electricity Prices Doubles from $0.06 to $0.1 per unit.

Electricity Prices Tripples

Electricity Market 2016 08 09

While this will have ripple effect and many other goods prices will follow changes, hence initially may have negative effect at first glance, but it has good long term effect on Game Budged, hence future bonuses for all. See picture below.

Game Budged 2016 08 09

Game Budged Increase, just soon after raw material prices went up.

Lets see, how this will turn in next few weeks.

Sty tuned.

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