Plan your strategy, be your own manager and gain profit from trading skills Playing PipsTycoon

Once PipsTycoon was initially focused around financial simulator, allowing to trade Forex, commodities and cryptocurrency, buy, sell and collect dividends from shares, now is adding new unique fighting system. These, along with wide range of industry, gives great variety and opportunity to gain profit, which eventually can be cashed out into real $$$.

Please read further for more descriptive details.
If you heard about PipsTycoon before 2016, forget most of these.
Pips took complete overhaul since 2016. Hence Renaissance prefix before PipsTycoon title.
Read the explanation below in Game Takeover section.


I don’t have $$$, but can I earn?

Sure you can. You are not forced, or asked to put any cent into the game.

So how you can earn otherwise without initial $$$? You can go to work every day, earning wages offered by the companies. At the time I am writing this, average wages raised by 50% within last two weeks.

Within few days, you should be able to find some profitable energy products, and make some profit on these. For example renting house.
Also, you can write ingame articles, which are relevant to the PipsTycoon.
This can be interesting facts, tutorials etc. This can be rewarded anything up to 1$ per article.

And soon you will see some $.
Game encourage you to be systematic. But is not required. However, that brings extra bonuses over the time.


PipsTycoon as an Investment

Playing PipsTycoon, you can think about as an investment in online platform. But since this is a game, it can be both fun and rewarding. And rewards can be claimed in real $$$. How you going to approach your investment, is entirely up to you.


So, if you have few $$$ to start from

By invest in trading, you can turn your trading skills into profit in easy way, if you know how.
Choose to trade with major Forex currencies pairs, Commodities, or crypto-currencies.

If you feel you got control over trading, why not to find some investors?
This can be simply done, by opening ingame Investment Fund company. You trade in similar fashion as normally do and while you company perform well, you attract investors, who bring money in the company. Hence you can trade for more $$$.

Trading ingame is much safer than on any other trading platform.
Also, is cheaper. For example, there is no extra charges for trading through the weekend, while some systems do charge for it.



You can open many other companies as well. Some of them pressures metals mines, food, wine, clothing, jewellery, cars, houses, etc. factories. Produced raw materials and goods are sold at ingame market. Players can use them, to generate energy, required to gain more profit, from number of activities.



Amount of energy is similar like your real life energy. You can work, or do other things. You have limited time in a day etc.

More energy you got, you become more proficient and gain more. For example, you can gain more from working at companies, getting profit from referrals, and daily energy bonus. However, there are goods, which can keep your energy top up. In long term, buying such items can be highly profitable.



Game offers shares for sale. Buying in right time, can bring nice profit in near future. Also, you can buy and sell shares of individual companies, or even take over companies, if you own over 51% of its shares.
Having shares, also will bring profit from dividends, and from selling them later on.



Promote and share your referral link, which is available in game. Having many referrals, will bring profit very soon. You earn tax from theirs earnings. And if your referral invests $$$, then you have extra bonus.

Additionally you can buy, sell and rent affiliates.
Again, is up to your strategy.


Advertising Space

You can use offered advertising space, which is visible for both players and visitors. With thousands of visitors, it can bring desired effect for you own web.



Game focuses on being transparent as much as possible.
For example, you can see who is trading what, and how much earns.
Also any goods and shares purchases can be tracked. This way you can identify niches in the market and where to invest.
You can see, how much each player earns, or how much player’s affiliate earn.
Additionally, you can see, what each player owns, and what inventory has.
All these, allow for great strategy planning at numerous levels.


Game Takeover

At end of the year 2015, PipsTycoon has change ownership. One of players bought whole system, as great potential has been seen, but yet initially wasted and abused by previous owner. Since then, game goes through major changes. This brought new opportunities and vision on continuing this project, as well, as for everybody involved (from administration to players).


Game Development

As game is still in its beta, it undergoes number of modifications. Last few months, there were numerous of major and minor improvements. Including focusing security and balancing whole system, which was lacking before. Nearest plans (already in development) are to bring battle system, where players will be able to fight with each other and mobs.

This already created new military industry, bringing more excitement to the PipsTycoon, as well as expectations.

Whole fighting system will offers much more than just fights. Is well thoughts.
Weapons crafting and reselling is on agenda. This will create much higher demand on goods. Also there is much more to come along with it.

Please read ingame recent insiders for more details


Cash out $$$

If you wonder how much is required for $$$ withdrawal, at the current this is set to $120, but is planned to be reduced in the future.

As of now, only bitcoins are allowed as payout method, however, other payment methods are aimed to be implemented too, including pay-pal.


So why not joining?

Bringing either $$$, or your time, you can make good investment.
Specially starting early, but not only and purchasing cheap shares.
And bring your friends with you. If you don’t want to invest $$$, you can simply spend few clicks per day and you will be already on +.

Click here to join us


Want to know more

Join discussions, or check out our list of links, which you may find suitable. There is also Skype community, where all your question can be answered regarding to PipsTycoon in real time.

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