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Hello Everyone

I would like to introduce PipsTycoon, where you can earn extra $$$.
PipsTycoon Renaissance is a web based browser game, in which you can make money, by doing various of activities, about which more is described below.
As the title indicates, PipsTycoon went through a period of rebirth with massive changes, after quite a long and turbulent period.
It is true that on the internet you can find already a lot of information about PipsTycoon, but largely are outdated, partial, or misleading.
Keep eyes at the date of such publications.

For this reason, I decided to create this topic with fresher and second-hand information.
In this post I will be avoided where possible to enter numeric values, not to be misleading, as the game became even more dynamic than was previously. Otherwise, I give the dates of the last update.


PipsTycoon Mainstream

If someone had already read, or heard about PipsTycoon, the main concept of the game has not changed. You play, you produce, sell, trading on the stock exchange, and much more. However, there were around the game title tremendous changes and for positive. Below are listed some of them. (Further mentioned persons are intentionally presented anonymously)

– In December 2015 the game has changed its owner. New buyer is a former player and also current. The costs of investment and development PipsTycoon, are counted in tens of thousands of dollars.
– From 2016 game is undergoing intensive modernisation with the main focus on patching hundreds of bugs in the game that have been ignored, clumsily handled, or hidden by the previous owner.
– The financial scheme of the game has been transformed, from pyramid to MLM (Multi-Level Marketing).
– Balance of the market is another priority, to create a healthy budget system, along with bonuses. The huge and challenging project. For example, end of the indestructible products, such as jewelry. Here still subtle changes may occur, for better balance in the future.
– Modernisation existing and adding of new functionalities. For example, you can attach your own advertising banner on the site, as well, as in development a new unique combat system.
– Multi account are not more permitted. They are harmful to the market.
– End with artificial traffic on the site.
– Reinforced safeguarding pages and user accounts from intrusion.
– Transparency, which allows to analyse the operations and transactions, of gamers, businesses and the game itself. This allows for the strategic planning of activities, to increase your profits.
– Underlined big motivation for exploring features in the game by players. Much of the information is not stated, to allow for its discoveries.

– And big emphasis on naturalness.


How to play and how to make money?

Here list of possibilities is quite sizeable. However, will describe it in a brief, as it can be, to avoid the sheer volume of information.

I want to emphasise immediately that the game does not force you to do anything and everything is completely depending on you.



Work with Trading Book


Work is one of the simplest action that may be taken in PipsTycoon. It does not require any investment. Great way to start from scratch and get familiar with the game system. Generally, as in real life, you can work once a day (even 7 days a week). However, unlike real life, you are always working for the highest salary, which is offered on the labour market at any given time. As the historical data, I can indicate that for the period May-June 2016 increase in the payout was at 45%. In June 2016, the value of payments increased further by an average of 60%. In the second half of August 2016, they have already reached $1.0!!

If someone would ask, what is the reason for the increase of wages, I am already explaining?
The process is completely natural, which takes place on the basis of winning the best jobs. More companies, more competition for employees, hence higher salaries. More employees, salaries may decrease, but also a growing demand for various products.

For worked day, you get 2 points for work experience. However, no matter whether you do work or not, daily 1 point is subtracted. These gives you a balance of +1 point per day, if you work systematically, which is highly recommended. Your earning however, is dependent on the percentage of owned energy points, work experience and trade points. These are variables of player’s productivity and are displayed clearly on the side panel.



The energy has a huge impact on the profit of the various actions and transactions. With more energy, going to work, you get a bigger payout. It is because I am more efficient.

See also First Steps Energy (External Link)

Paid periodically dividends and shares are also dependent on the energy level. Better to have it as much, as possible during distribution.
Energy may be obtained after the purchase or rental of food and other energetic products. Some of them are from clothes and jewelry, to cars and houses. Extra energy bonus is awarded to holders of mature wine.


Daily Energy Bonus

Daily Energy Bonus

If you have any energy, you are eligible to daily energy bonus. This bonus must be collected manually and falls every 24 hours 10 min.
On august 2016 there were 4 bonus levels. 1st level corresponds to $0.00, level 2 to $0.01, 3 to $0.02, etc.

So, if you have 5 energy at the second level, you will get $0.05 for the day. For 100 energy points at level 3 you will get $2.0. So the number of energy points are multiplied by the bonus level in $.
The level of the bonus is dependent on the market situation of the game. Each level is initialised based on the game budget. I.e. Level 3 is launched with a budget of $1,000, but it is turned off, if it falls to $500. Then the bonus is changed back to a lower level. If the income tax is higher than payments for bonuses, then the game’s budget is growing. However, if the income is smaller, the budget is decreasing. So is it a natural cycle.

Using this knowledge and observations, you can plan i.e., what and when to buy, sell or rent.



Game Shares

The game offers trading in shares. A player may acquire shares of the game (Game Shares [GASH]), of which are 1 000 000 (one million), as well, as companies shares, of which each one holds 1 000 (1 thousand). As you know, the idea behind this, is to buy stocks cheaply and sale at higher price. Here are even dividends of shares that are paid monthly. So the more you own the greater the profits. But do not forget that a high level of energy has an impact, of how much you actually receive. And of course more energy is better.

For interested: holding majority stakes in game share [GASH], does not entitle player to the acquisition of ownership, or control of the game.

Owned shares in companies also offer additional periodic bonus, if the company is active.




Each player can become the manager of the company. Two methods are available to purchase it. Either by opening a new company, or by acquiring a majority stake of the company from another player.

There is a number of companies to choose from, from the production of water and electricity, via the tools for companies and clothes, to cars, houses and weapons. The last are during development and implementation (August 2016). But a list of companies is much, much longer.

As a business owner, you decide which and how many materials you are buying. The market price are the lowest available offer for the required material. These are offered by other companies. However, you can submit purchase orders, or sales of the product, or the materials and wait for a buyer.


Trading at Stock Exchange


The game was initially designed around a trading system, allowing players to i.e. purchase and sale of currencies (Forex), crypto-currency (bitcoins), or commodities. Here you would need your own initial capital for investment. However, trading on the stock exchange in PipsTycoon is much safer than using other systems. You cannot lose less than we have in the game. Playing the stock market is both rewarding, as well, as risky. Knowledge of the operation of the stock exchange is advisory.

However, if you still want invest in the stock market, but does not have the knowledge, or time, you can invest in the available financial funds, led by players (which specialise in this field) who know the behaviour of the actual market (real one).




As are most similar games, PipsTycoon offers referrals (external link), or also called affiliates. And here of course more the better. There are players who are owning from a few to several hundred of referrals. And some have even more than a thousand.

You earn on referrals tax, which is paid to each owner of the player.
This tax is of 10% (August 2016) of player’s profit. The 10% is proportional to player’s energy amount. Hence, if affiliate will earn $10 from the sale of the good as an example, then he/she pays operation tax of 10% = $1.0, which is deducted automatically. If the master has 50% of the energy, it gets half of that tax, which is $0.5. Then the owner’s profit is taxed at 10% and the same is paid further to its owner. etc.

The rest of the tax, which was not been taken by a player is paid to the budget game, and distributed for bonuses, or other expenses.
Registration link referrals is recommended, as it is more likely that the owner, here called often master, would want to share their knowledge and assist in the progress of his/her affiliates. It is in the best interest of both parties.

Registration with the main link, or avoiding referrals links, does not give any bonuses. However, such individual lands in the admin pot, along with other not owned users and their profits are paid directly to the game budget.

For a fee, the game offers an additional monthly privilege of acquiring a not owned referrals. Having this privilege, it enables automatic adoption of part of the newly registered players.
Anyone can also be rented, or sold to another player on the referral market. Price is determined by the owner of a subordinate.



Advertising Banners

PipsTycoon offers to player its space on the page, for advertising banners. Anyone who visits the site, can see it. There are several options and offers on the banners. With a large number of visits and traffic to the game website, it’s very encouraging option. You can purchase credits which are consumed as someone clicks on a banner, or take advantage of the monthly offer, operating on the principle of per-view.

See also: PipstTycoon is offering one of the cheapest advertising spaces on the web



The game also offers various options for memberships for a period of a month. Offers vary in the price tag, but may help to improve playability and profits in one, or another area of the game.
For example, if you trade a lot in the stock market, you probably will be interested in increasing the trading margin.
If you plan to enlarge the stock of the wine for sale in the future, or personal use, you can finr a good option for you.
If you own a lot of referrals and you want to increase the limit, there is also an option for you.

It needs to indicate, that if the membership expires, you do not lose overstocked wine, or referrals, only that you cannot have anymore new, until you re-purchase the memberships (ingame shop).


New Fighting System

PipsTycoon Exclusive Weapon Offer For New Signups



Fights 2


The fights philosophy can be compared to games like Diablo, World of Warcraft, Mafia Wars, Ai-War, Bitefight, but all via web browser, in a fashion of PipsTycoon. You develop your own character, you gain experience, fight against monsters, grab drops and even you can have a chance to win some reward in cash.
The fighting system is after its first series of tests and has been made available to all players on 10/08/2016, rewarding all current players with a free weapon.

In this system, however, the fighting does not stop there. Please read on. And also you can find out more here in PipsTycoon Introduces Fighting System.


Further Development of PipsTycoon

For as far as I can tell, PipsTycoon is a long-term project for the next few years. Further development is dependent on the interest and success of the game. Which is indicated to be true, by numerous of sources.

Most of the points were already presented at the beginning of this article. However, introduced combat system is unique, which stimulates the whole economy of the game, since everything is closely linked to each other.

Here is tremendous focus and emphasis on eliminating errors and problems, before next stage of the project for fights.
Further development of a weapons and armor, will allow to upgrade, repair, and enhance with collected items. This requires collecting drops from mobs, after won each battle and also, the purchase of materials via black market from other players. Part of this system is already pre-designed.

The next exciting phase is PvP. Here also I am looking forward to the implementation and the outcome.
I can tell you my dear, that this is not everything at all, when it comes to the upcoming battle system. I reveal that it is for the much bigger picture. But everything step by step. I emphasise again the stability and resolving bus are priorities.

With the development of fighting system, the other part of the game will be gradually modified and improved to enhance gameplay experience.
PipsTycoon is scheduled to come out of beta, with full release in early 2017. And it is not so distant perspective at all.

And the expansion of the game is not over here.



Game offer number of methods for the payments. From reseller, card payments, Internet wallets, bitcoins, or bank transfers, and a few others.




Of course, the most important topic, is payment, earnings and cash out.
So there are payments indeed. In the end, for that matter most of us gathered here, because of that.
At the August 2016 PipsTycoon offers one method of payment, which is bitcoins.
The minimum withdrawal amount is $100 (august 2016). Price is fixed to stabilise yet the young market.
In the future there are planned other forms of payment, including PayPal and for a lower amount. However, at the current this is not the priority.

If you ask me for proof of payment, you do not get it from me.
I personally invest in the long term, so it will take a little of time, before I withdraw. But this is my strategy.

If those are looking for information, I suggest you send a question to the people who were paid.
Everything you need can be found at PipsTycoon.

As the current payments are made in the crypto-currency bitcoins, they are marked by the so-called hashtag.
These may be retrieved using a suitable hash analyser, and serve as proof of payment. Displaying hash tags in the public domain from any payment in PipsTycoon, is planned for late 2016.



In the game you can also earn by writing articles. On August 2016 it could be anything from $ 0.0 to $ 1.0 for worthy article related to the of PipsTycoon.




Almost every transaction in PipsTycoon is subjected to the tax. From earnings from work, via sales, rent, profit from referrals, to the tax from stock market and paid dividends.
The tax is paid both to the game budget, from where bonuses are paid, as well, as to the foundation of the game, where monthly dividends are paid to share holders.

See also: What Means Game Budged, Fund and Share Bonus in PipsTycoon?


Read, Analyse and Plan

First, do not do anything in rush. Read and analyse before you invest. Ask, if you are not sure of something.
Especially when it comes to set up a company, plan and calculate what it costs. Do not forget about taxes whatsoever, as an example transfer taxes.
The game offers insiders from dev. team and articles from players with interesting content and tips.


About me

You can find me after the registration in the game, when searching for Antypodish
I am a PipsTycoon tester, I run number of companies and invest.

And of course I am greeting you.



If you have any additional questions related to PipsTycoon, you can contact me via PM in the game, or open discussion via social media.

If you have a Facebook:
If Twitter:

Of course

Join us, if you haven’t yet


Become a strategist, manager, producer, trader, or fighter and earn playing in PipsTycoon
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Become a strategist, manager, producer, trader, or fighter and earn playing in PipsTycoon
PipsTycoon : Renaissance is a complete rework of its previous older version and is a web based browser game, in which you can make money, by working, trading, selling, fighting and much more, about which details are described further ...
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