PipsTycoon Dividends August 2016


Monthly dividends payout has been executed at the end of the month, to all shareholders of the game shares (GASH).

In August 2015 value of game shares reached $0.0018 per share and could be observed steady increase over past halve year, while PipsTycoon is still under beta and development.

GASH are strictly related to the Game Fund. So as the Game Fund reached over $1800,  It reflected $0.0018 per share.

Bit more about shares, is described here.

Speculating, that share prices will steadily continue to grow, this can be potential nice long term investment.

Game shares can be purchased either from Game Fund Trade Shares Market, or via Shop in Game.

Who was playing earlier, had chance even to buy shares for price below $0.30 per share.

And here are the latest prices per share on the market.

PipsTycoon - Game Fund 2016 09 03 - Shares

PipsTycoon – Game Fund 2016 09 03 – Shares

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