Drinking Wine To Gain Energy And Profit

Wine is an interesting product which allows you to gain extra profit.

Fully matured wine (+100 days old) is capable, to give up to 200 energy, while younger than 100 days, gives amount of energy equal to its age. For example 40 days old wine, gives temporary 40 energy points.

With matured wine, you can have have energy level at 100%, for up to 2-5 days, depending on your daily routine, as it holds special ability.


Energy over the time deterioration

  • 1 energy point is consumed per hour. This means 24 energy points per day.
  • Additionally, if you work 8 energy points are consumed.
  • Collecting daily energy bonus, will use further 8 points.
  • And fighting takes 1 energy per fight. So if you got 10 fights per day, that sums for 10 energy

Hence, daily energy deterioration can be anything from 24 to 40 (without fight), or even more points. It depends on your daily activity.
But minimum energy level can not be less, than total energy from other worn items.



Lets assume, you have high quality (HQ) house, which give 30 energy points. Then you drink fully matured wine, hence it tops up to 100% of you energy level and adds extra 100 energy point on top.

If you collecting only daily energy bonus (for up to 100 energy points), this means you use 8 energy points. 200 – 8 = 192 points left.

Further to that, 1 energy point loss per hour. After 24 hours, this is 192 – 24 = 168 energy points left.

Next day you decided to work, as well, as to collect daily energy bonus. This means 168 – 16 = 152 energy points. And hourly energy loss of 1 point, which gives 152 – 24 (day) = 128.
3rd day, you just collect energy bonus, hence 128 – 8 = 120, and daily energy loss of 120 – 24 = 96 points.

This will keep dropping, until you natural energy level, satisfied by worn items, like cloths, house , jewelry etc. So working and collecting daily energy bonus, within next 2 days you would reach 30 energy points, as of HQ house.


Is wine worth it?

Depends what you need energy for. Your gain may take different forms.

If you got many and good affiliates and your daily profit from them is high enough, it may cover wine cost over the few days.

If wages are at decent level, extra energy may help to gain additional profit from work.
Collecting daily energy bonus, can bring from $1 to $3 per day, depending on energy bonus level and assuming your energy is at 100% (this can be 100+ energy points).

So, if you buy wine for $3 (price of May 2016) and is matured, or need to be matured within next 100 days, you can get your return on daily energy bonuses only, within few days. And you still can make decent profit, when energy is lower than 100%.

So way to maximise your profit, is by waiting below 100% energy threshold, before drinking another one, if needed.

And also, combination of any of above, gives best profit and return on investment.


Things to be aware of

Important matter is to be noted.

Make sure that after drinking a wine and during its working period above 100% (100+ energy points), no other energy items are going to expire. If this happens, your energy level may drop from 100+ to 100, hence, soon after your energy % will start dropping and wine usage may feel wasted.

Also, read on the market description, in wine section.

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Drinking Wine To Gain Energy And Profit
Article Name
Drinking Wine To Gain Energy And Profit
Wine is an interesting product which allows you to gain extra profit. Fully matured wine (+100 days old) is capable, to give up to 200 energy, while younger ...
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