Part of the article may be outdated, as it has been published in 2015. Since 2016 PipsTycoon undertook major changes.

  • is the game legit? does admin really pay?

YES!!!. The administrator of Pipstycoon does pay. he always has (including his earlier games, which still do). that has never been an issue

  • how can i deposit money?

you have 2 choices: through administrator (cashier-select method) which means you send money to game administrator. OR, you can use the resellers. Resellers are players that are trusted by the game administrator, offer a variety of payment methods and, also, spend a lot of time online, so as a bonus to your load, you could ask them questions that you can not find answers. Resellers are also usually faster in approving the payments.

reseller skype id:

Killam: mirceamr

Olddeath: olddeath78

Kwsnni: phillip.holbrook1

Kovandap: kovandap_goldentowns.

Important: all resellers accept Bitcoin as method. However, due to a bug the addresses are not shown. Please contact them via skype to get address and amount if you wish to deposit via Bitcoin.

  • if i want to invest, in what should i put my money in?

that is a tricky one. It varies in time, so if today let’s say construction companies are the best way, in a week it may be the worst idea and car companies are good. Best bet is to pick a end-product and build a full chain. that means having every single company needed to produce all that you need.

Also, game shares will always be profitable, as you get a piece of the game itself.

  • why is energy so important?

Energy has 2 main advantages:

  1. it dictates how much wage you get when you work. The bigger the energy, the bigger wage you get everytime you work
  2. it dictates how much taxes you get from your referrals.

also important to note is that there are energy based bonuses. if ou have 90+energy, you get 2.5 usd/day (when u work) as bonus. That means 912.5 usd in a month. To buy enough items to have that (12 full sets of q3 clothes, 2 q3 cars, 1 q3 house and a complete platinum set) costs aprox 800 usd. so you get your money back and whatever you get extra from work and referrals…..that is just pure profit.

  • i have a bug and i do not know how to contact game support.

there is only one way to report a problem.

it may take a while to get an answer as there are over 500 messages sent each day, but ALL tickets are read and will be resolved. Be patient. Remember, this is BETA version so bugs are natural

  • What is the best browser to use?

From experience, the browser that has the least amount of bugs is Chrome. I do recommend using it for pips, even if you use other browsers usually.

  • i did not use any reff link to join. why am I paying taxes to a referrer?

ALL accounts have a referrer. EVEN ADMIN. so get used to it. we all did 🙂


we will continue to update this list with question we get. please, put other questions you think are important in comments. Thank you for your support