Share Bonus Budged Distribution

On 07 August 2016, first Share Bonus Budged distribution took place, worth of $100, which has been divided between 67 qualified companies. This means, up to $1.5 bonus per company.

The bonus was distributed to all share holders of companies, for players which had more than 0% energy level. Energy level reflects % of bonus, that player received. 0 energy equals 0 reward. Also, number of owned shares reflects amount of reward.

If player owns only fraction of shares, she/he is still receiving a bonus fraction, as long, as company and energy requirements were met.

Companies were needed of providing at least 40 work processes, to be qualified for share bonus.

This reward is introduced, to encourage company owners, to keep companies up and running.


New Share Bonus Budged

After first distribution, new budged is established, while old being reset.

Company Share Bonus Budged 2016 08 07

Company Share Bonus Budged 2016 08 07

Current required workprocess is automatically set to 60. Means, that to be qualified company, it needs to provide at least 60 jobs.

After next bonus is distributed, process will repeat, and so on.


Share Bonus Budged Dynamics

Both budged and workprocesses are dynamic and are affected by current ingame market situation.

To find more about the dynamics, how one affect another, please click “More” button at link provided below, to expand for more details.

PipsTycoon Share Bonus

Share Bonus - More button

Share Bonus – More button location


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