PipsTycoon Newsletter September, 2016


Pipstycoon.com – New Server

We changed the server to prepare the autumn boost. While downtime are never pleasant, we know the reward after this short break worth it. Nevertheless we minimized maintenance under 3 hours with upfront preparations….more

Official Pipstycoon Banners Released

Players requested advertising graphic material to make it easier sending the referral link. We prepared a banner page and several sets of banners are available. You will be able to use the banners directly from our site embedding the code, or to download them first…more

PipsTycoon withdrawal limit update – good news

With the release of the first fight module against mobs PipsTycoon is decreasing the withdrawal minimum limit from 120$ to 100$ …more

Welcome to the braves land-Let the Fights begin 🙂

Fights are enabled starting today, so you will be able to train your hero against mobs. You will find a cool surprise in My Hero menu, a freebie weapon was given to all currently registered accounts to celebrate this event….more

Attack and Defense Companies Released!

We have the pleasure to announce you the first public release of weapons companies. After several months of work we are very close to start the player versus mob fights, so weapons are of course needed. We have a lot of news so let’s start…more


Many thanks to PipsTycoon dev. team for such great updates.

And of course, waiting for more.

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