Part of the article may be outdated, as it has been published in 2015. Since 2016 PipsTycoon undertook major changes.

Here is a first list of PipsTycoon tips and tricks, known issues/bugs, etc. Feel free to post new ones as comments:

  1. PipsTycoon Game works best in Google Chrome. Other browsers do have specific problems, so, my advice, use Chrome.
  2. If you rent a piece of clothing, car, house or jewel, you can and must work twice while you have it. This is easy to do: work today at say 16.00, right after you rented the item. Then, tomorrow, work BEFORE 15.00. This doesn’t matter anymore if you bought these energy products as you will have them daily until expire (30 days for clothes, 180 days cars, 365 days houses, and no expiration for jewelry).
  3. if you open a new company and in the products required for producing you have oil, but in the list of resources there is none, you must click trade on another product and modify the link of that market from… (for example) to… Buy 1 oil and a icon with oil and trade button will appear in production page.
  4. When you rent an item energy is not given instantly. you must go to inventory-assets and find that item, click on the grey flag next to it (it will say some error that only owner can modify this) and then click work. Energy should be given.
  5. Always take everything into account. Read five times every word, and ask other players about that too. preferably your referral. It is better to look silly in some stranger’s eyes than loose time and money by doing poor investments or trading. This game allow very quick income, but also needs good money management skills. Best thing is that you can anytime start again just by working 2-3 days for other player’s company for initial money.
  6. You need to keep in mind that first 25 days can be harder – This is how long it takes you to have maximum work experience (hence better salary with minimum investment in energy products).
  7. Do not open companies blindly. Do some research first. How many companies of that type are there, who buys that product, what products do you need, how much would your production cost be and how much was that product last sold on market.  To do this, go to companies, select the type of companies you want to open and click on any existing company. then browse the menu and gather information. with a bit of patience, you can avoid some traps like opening a company and THEN realize that the competition is so big you can not profit. Or, even worst, making a company and there are no customers.
  8. Do not be lazy. In companies pages, in production area it is written “Production Cost”. DO NOT USE THAT!!!. Instead, open a spreadsheet (I do it this way), or grab a piece of paper and pen and calculate production cost yourself. Do not forget to take into account tool, company investment (to open, rent workplaces, additional licenses, etc), building
  9. Very important, is that you only have 850 shares when initially open one company. That means that if you withdraw 10$  from company, you get 8.5 (minus what you pay to your ref master). and 1% transaction fee (on every transaction you receive). If your research show you that this company is a good money maker or use a big pile of cash to operate, then you may consider from beginning to increase owned company shares. This is done after you create a company by pressing quickly  Companies->My Companies->Click “company name you have”->Shares,  and buy from game fund additional shares up to 1000 (all, but this can be a big initial cost). I say quick because other players sometime hunt for new companies and try to buy also the cheapest shares before owner. The game allow you to buy shares gradually increasing the price for each 10 additional shares by 0.05$ per share. This is how it looks when you buy company shares:


    It may sound harder than it is, but remember you have the advantage of knowing the exact moment when the new company is created by yourself.  The hunters also have a more difficult path to follow to buy your shares (they refresh Partners menu from homepage and see there when new company creation brings the cost to the game budget. Than they have to copy the exact company name, search for it in upper search bar, click in results to companies, click the correct company if there are many similar names, click then shares button and buy). After some practice, nobody will buy your shares faster then you 🙂

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