PipsTycoon Wages Race Explained

Careful observer may have noticed, rapid wages increase since introduction of fights module.
Perhaps question is, why is that happening? Answer is quite simple. Many producers have identified chance to sell they products, to more and new players. Hence such producers either restarted production, increased production, or opened new facilities. As the result, more work places are offered on the market. And this is highly competing market area.
So, if producer A sets offered salaries for example at $0.80, another producer B will be attempting to set his salaries at $0.81, just to make sure, that he/she can satisfy production time, to as close to 100% as possible. Hence increasing profit from goods and potentially able to offer lower selling prices.
So wages are raising and we have also lots of new players. However, because each producer is able to offer 3 shifts per day and a worker can work only 1 shift, it means, it requires around 3x more workers, as offered work places.

But hey, increasing wages are good

Yes as long it happens in steady peace.
Good thing about it is that increasing salaries, encourage people to buy and rent more, fuelling from taxes Game and Fund Budged. Hence higher return on shares, and aim for Level 2 energy bonus, worth $0.02 per energy.
The down side is, it may reflect in a bounce back effect, where salaries will be at such high level, making high stream of new players, driving salaries rapidly down. Obviously, at that point goods production will increase, to satisfy goods demand on the market.

The Case

Such situation is only problematic, when there is relative low number of workers in respect to number of offered work places. Any slight change in one or two producers, creates ripple effect, driving prices one or other way.

Best Solution

The best and healthier solution for all, is of course more workers, hence more players. More players means less market disturbance, when something is slightly changes.
As the result market will get stabilised and all responsive spikes, like jumping wages and goods prices, should be smoothed out, to benefit to all of us.
Last thing we all want, is as a bubble and pop effect. We want to avoid that.

Call For More Players

I would like call for more players, as for all gain.
So I suggest to spread the word, spread you referral links, mention somewhere etc.


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