PipsTycoon Exclusive Weapon Offer For New Signups


Hi all.

Soon fighting become even bigger, with introduction of Black Market (October 2016), allowing for selling, buying drops from mobs.

Also, with introduction of upgrading fighting gear (October 2016), mobs drops will be even more valuable, when upgrades of weapons and armour become a great asset. Such gear will be possible to sell, buy, or use in own fights. More about fights you can read here. Hence, starting collecting drops and even chance for cash rewards, is a great opportunity to start earning. What you just  need to start, is a weapon.

Along with developing of fights, incoming PvP and more, demand on drops will be even higher, driving their prices even higher. Since a chance for drops is not 100%, it means that players don’t get them in every won fight. However, once you get it, it become valuable. Rarity of items will give to fighters a chance, for nice additional earning.


Exclusive Weapon Offer

I offer exclusively cheap first weapon, dedicated to new players, if the player fulfils the following conditions:

– Become my referral
– Will show activity for at least a week
– Haven’t purchased the weapon before
– And earned at least $0 .1

After signup in PipsTycoon, contact me for detailed method of transaction and more.

This offer is ongoing as of September 2016, but may be suspended anytime.


Additional Offers

If you are my referral, you got a chance for discounts on number of goods that I produce, or sell.


Not Sure? Just Ask

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

At the end of the day, I am here to help.

Join us, if you haven’t yet


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