The world of advertising and marketing has changed drastically and it will continue to change at a fast pace. It is very difficult for advertisers to keep up with all the trends, but they are always doing something new. That’s the beauty of the job.

For conservatives, we have some bad news: traditional advertising is slowly but surely dying. Wondering why this is happening? First of all, because customers are getting smarter and, with the new media, the power is in their hands. For example, repeated advertising on television was a great technique once. Whether we liked it or not, we had to watch the same spot over and over again. Some studies even dare to state the number of repetitions needed for someone to go buy the product. However, today, when consumers have the possibility to skip the advertising, things have changed. We can extrapolate this from television to just about any other communication channel. Annoying pop-ups or splash screens? The best they can do is attract the clients’ aversion.

Consumers want value and relevance.

There you have it. For once, advertisers need to create something for their potential customers and not try to trick them into buying their product. This is content marketing.

Basically, content marketing means communicating with your prospects without trying to sell them anything. Quite the opposite of what traditional advertising was trying to do. Your content (whatever type that might be), must make the potential customer rewarded and, in return, he will reward you with his loyalty.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that content marketing is not a separate discipline, but rather an important part of every communication strategy, starting with your Social Media and ending with the emails you send. Without great content, marketing does not exist. Not anymore.


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