As we promised in the previous article, we are going to continue talking about profitable blogging niches. So far, we have mentioned “technology” and “relationships”. Let’s see what else can generate revenue if, of course, you are pretty good at it.

Health and fitness

This niche is both very profitable and pretty tricky. First and foremost, you cannot, under any circumstances, start a health advice blog if you don’t have a healthy lifestyle yourself. You have to be a living example.

There are many sub-niches you can focus on. Diets, healthy living, veganism, fitness, football, yoga, sports equipment, winter sports and so on.

Tip: If you are starting a fitness channel, try to film yourself and include videos in your article. Besides being more accurate in your indications, you will also be able to transmit some of your energy.


If there is something all people want and need, that’s money, therefore everyone will be interested how to make more of them. Actually, these two articles are a good example here. You are reading them because you want to find out how you can make money using your blog. Now, we don’t say you have to copy our model, there are plenty sub-niches awaiting for you: how to set up a business, loans advice, how to get a good job etc.

Blogging about blogging

Now, our blog is again a good example. Although blogging about blogging might seem an odd idea, actually, considering the permanently expanding industry, this information is not just “nice to have”, it’s actually really necessary. Perhaps you started blogging years ago and you caught up a thing or two. Start sharing!

Remember, there is plenty of space for everyone in the blogosphere, so don’t worry, you are not training someone who will eventually take your place.

Personal development

If you turned on your computer at least once in the past few years, you most likely know about the new trend with personal development. The fact is that people are not very happy. Perhaps they are working too much, maybe they are stressed or perhaps it’s due to the economical situation. However, they never stop trying to find in themselves what makes them happy and successful. Just look at the TED talks! They are, indeed, inspiring.

Do you know one of life’s secret or do you have an inspiring experience to share? Do it!

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