If you just started a blog, naturally, you will think about how to drive traffic towards it. You have to know one thing from the start: Rome wasn’t built in one day. Your stats will not explode over night and, well, for a (hopefully) brief period, you will be writing for just a handful of people.

We will provide a lot of “know-how” regarding online promotion, so keep an eye on Blog Sellers. Today, we are going to assess the benefits of participating in writing competitions.

I think it’s safe to assume you took it upon yourself to create great content that will generate traffic and revenue. If you don’t have the necessary resources to fund a paid campaign, a free method would be signing up in writing contests.

Think about it! Besides the visits you will most definitely gain from your competitors (they will want to see what you have), you will also benefit of the competition’s popularity. Of course, you will not get to keep all the audience, but, if someone enjoys your writing, it’s very likely to return or even subscribe.

So what should you do to retain a large number of visitors?

– First and foremost, make sure you don’t sign up for competitions that don’t represent you. For example, if you have a technology blog, you do not belong in a fiction writing contest. Remember, you want to attract an already targeted audience, so make sure you search similar domains.

– Do your best and don’t do it for the prize. Of course, you could win, but engaging with an audience is much more valuable long-term. These are the people who can become your customers or the ones who will click on your ads.

– Make sure it’s not a scam. If the rules require you to include a lot of links and they are requesting usage of certain anchor texts, it might be just an attempt to gain some SEO points. Of course, if the contest is sponsored by third parties, they might require a little bit of advertising, but under no circumstances should you fill your articles with a bunch of outgoing links. This will lower the value of your blog.

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