Nowadays, with Google constantly changing its algorithms, SEO is blurrier than ever. This discipline used to be very simple. A lot of links (anywhere) + a lot of keyword meant a good ranking. Luckily (for us who hate spam and spammers), this has changed. Judging by the amount of spam comments blocked by Akisment, not everyone received the news, but, indeed, black hat SEO is harshly penalized by Google.

So how do you optimize your blog SEO-wise?

Great Content – I know it might seem cliché, quality content is the fastest way to reach a good position in the SERPS. Write for people, not for search engines, don’t stuff the text with keywords, but don’t forget to mention them either. Bottom line, after reading your text, people should feel amused, informed, awarded or something similar. You wouldn’t want them to scroll down and remain with a blank mind. Write engaging content!

Social Buzz – Today, the social buzz generated around a blog (or a company, or a brand etc.) is more important than ever. An extensive fan-base and a great deal of social engagement – these are great indicators of success and Google sure knows it.

Dynamic Sitemap – Create a sitemap that will update itself periodically, depending on how often you update your blog. Don’t forget to submit it to the Webmaster Tool account to help the Google bots crawl easier.

Page titles and meta descriptions – Make sure all your blog entries have proper page titles and meta descriptions. If you have a WP blog, you can use a great plugin called All In One SEO Pack.

Image optimization – Make sure all your image files have suggestive names. Also, add a relevant alt attribute for each picture.

Remember! Good quality is the fastest way to success!

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