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Facebook Ads – Introduction

When social networks appeared, many (too many) company owners and marketers made a rookie mistake. They saw these networks – Facebook especially – as free advertising tool. So what happened? Since everyone was on Facebook, companies joined in soon. They… Continue Reading →

Affiliate marketing – Pros and Cons

Many have written about affiliate marketing and many will write from now on. However, the one thing that is so hard to find is a text explaining what are the pros and cons. So this is exactly what we are going to… Continue Reading →

Blog advertising – how soon is “too soon”?

So you have a blog populated with articles – hopefully good ones – and you are thinking whether it is the right time to start using advertisements to generate revenue. Is there a “perfect moment” to start doing this? Classic… Continue Reading →

Youtube monetization

Since you are reading articles on this blog, we believe it is safe to assume you are looking to generate revenue. In this article, we are going to offer you an alternative (yet related) channel to make profit: YouTube. Of… Continue Reading →

Promote your blog by participating in writing competitions

If you just started a blog, naturally, you will think about how to drive traffic towards it. You have to know one thing from the start: Rome wasn’t built in one day. Your stats will not explode over night and,… Continue Reading →

Google October 2014 Update

Google announced in October 2014, a pretty interesting set of updates to their Google Analytics and remarketing services. We are going to break down the information and analyse the new opportunities the new Google October 2014 update is offering in… Continue Reading →

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