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Pipstycoon FAQ

Part of the article may be outdated, as it has been published in 2015. Since 2016 PipsTycoon undertook major changes. is the game legit? does admin really pay? YES!!!. The administrator of Pipstycoon does pay. he always has (including his earlier games, which… Continue Reading →

Answer you readers’ questions!

Do you know what the “blank page syndrome” is? It’s when the blogger stares at the white page and has no idea what to write about. As you are probably accustomed so far, we have a solution for that. Wouldn’t… Continue Reading →

How to deal with haters

We know you are used to more technical articles on this blog, but the war with the haters is not something we can overlook when it comes to blogging. When you start blogging, you put yourself out more than you… Continue Reading →

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