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Introduction to CSS

In our previous article, we discussed about choosing the right theme for your WordPress website or blog. We are going to follow up with useful information about customizing the theme for a full-branded experience from an aesthetic point of view…. Continue Reading →

Choosing your WordPress Theme – Guide

So you want to start a blog on WordPress. You have your domain, you set up a hosting account and you installed WP. Now you are staring at Twenty Eleven (the WP default theme), but it’s definitely not what you… Continue Reading →

CSS Guidelines – Do it right (II)

We will be continuing with the CSS Guidelines. Read the previous article here. The 80 characters rule might seem odd at first, but there is a strong reason behind it. First, it will be easily read on smaller screens and… Continue Reading →

CSS guidelines – Do it right (I)

CSS guidelines – a complex subject. We are going to dive deep into a subject that’s very complex; too complex to be contained by one single article, so we are going to make series out of it, to make sure… Continue Reading →

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