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Webmasters – How to optimize bandwidth consumption

We know it’s not saving water or recycling plastic, but bandwidth consumption is a serious issue for us internet-loving people. 🙂 So yes, we came across many questions and not that many responses, so we thought it would be a… Continue Reading →

Google Analytics for Beginners

We have discussed about promoting your blog and driving traffic towards it, but how do we track results? Of course, we can see the engagement in the comments, shares and so on, but what is the best way to have… Continue Reading →

The art of creating a compelling landing page

As you probably know by now, landing pages are a priceless asset, especially in marketing/promotion related activities. Since recently, the sole purpose of a landing page was to gather information. For instance, using such a page will help analyse better… Continue Reading →

WordPress Material Design

Last week, we talked about the new concept launched in Google’s I/O, the Material Design. Although, at first glance, it might seem like this is mostly dedicated to mobile apps and thing of sort, in fact, it is something that… Continue Reading →

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