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Google PageRank explained

The PR – from PageRank, not Public Relations – gives a lot of headaches to bloggers, agencies and companies that want to promote their products or services in this sector. Basically, we have one analysis metric that people don’t understand… Continue Reading →

first things you need to know

Hello and welcome to our tutorial site for PipsTycoon! This site was created by Olddeath and Killam in order to help other players learn the ropes of PipsTycoon. we have over 10 years combined experience in economic simulators and real… Continue Reading →

Promote your blog by participating in writing competitions

If you just started a blog, naturally, you will think about how to drive traffic towards it. You have to know one thing from the start: Rome wasn’t built in one day. Your stats will not explode over night and,… Continue Reading →

How to get startup ideas

Startups are rocketing towards the highest peaks in the business sector and with all the successful stories we keep reading about online, naturally, we all think of how we can make it happen for ourselves. There is no recipe for… Continue Reading →

Affiliate Marketing 101

Do you know what the difference is between a “blogger” and a “pro-blogger”? They might target the same audience, their writing might be of striking similarity and the subjects discussed alike, but a pro-blogger, as opposed to an amateur blogger,… Continue Reading →

The difference between hosting and domain name (for beginners)

Not all the bloggers have profound knowledge of the more technical issues. Many of you, we are sure, started a blog just because you were passionate about writing, without paying much attention to the platform. Perhaps you had a friend… Continue Reading →

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