We are continuing today with the travel blogging tips we have prepared for you. Please check the first article as well.

4. Be honest!

This is one of the most important rules. It doesn’t matter if you decided to do a review or someone invited you to do it, always be honest. Don’t feel obligated to overlook some details just because someone invited you somewhere for free. Your readers rely on you, so don’t disappoint them.

5. What about your house?

If you are permanently posting from vacations, naturally, a lot of people will know you are away. Do you know who else might get this information? Burglars! So make sure someone is watching your house while you are not there.

6. Write about what you truly love

If you are a natural born globe-trotter or back-packer, write about that, not about all-inclusive vacations. Don’t be afraid to be a niche, it’s what gets you authority and credibility.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for money

On more than one occasion, besides trip-related gratuities, you can also have real financial benefits. Don’t sell yourself cheap. Treat travel blogging just like any other job. You offer a service, you automatically need to be paid for it. Sometimes it’s barters, but you can’t eat plane tickets, can you?

8. Branding

Find what represents and use it all the time. Let us give you an example:

We don’t say you have to dance everywhere, but what this guy did went viral, and for a good reason. It was brilliant! Find something original and take advantage of it.

9. Be personal

People don’t want editorials, they want opinions, experiences, advice etc. And they want it from a person, a real person!

10. Collaborate

If you travel a lot, set up meetings with other travelers or, why not, with local bloggers from the places you visit. You will present yourself to a whole new audience and, trust us, some of them will “stick”.

Good luck!