What Means Game Budged, Fund and Share Bonus in PipsTycoon?


Game Budged

PipsTycoon Game Budged can be interpreted like a cash pot, where money from taxes like salary, daily energy bonus, rental, referral and few more are sent.

Where these taxes go? They pay for our bonuses like Daily Energy Bonuses.

Daily Energy Bonus

Lets have a look at the case, of the Game budged at $0.

Assuming that budged increases steadily from $0 up and reaches $500, then first level of game budged is triggered and set at $0.01 per energy point.
If the income from taxes would be insufficient, to cover daily energy bonuses, the budged would slowly fall down.
If reaches $250, then bonus will be set to $0 per energy point. In terms, no Daily Energy Bonus.

However, if budged will keep increasing until $1000, then another level is set to $0.02 per energy.
This means for example, that HQ house which gives 10 energy, will deliver now not $0.1, but $0.2 per day.
Imagine magic with wine. It can top up your energy to 100 for few days. At 100 energy, you can earn $2 per day!!

Yet if again demand for bonuses will be higher, than taxes, budged will fall. Reaching $500, it switches back to $0.01 per energy. Then it should start increasing much faster.
Good planning and purchasing cheap in advance, can be really good cash caw, if done well.

And then, if budged will reach $1500, hence bonuses will be set at $0.03. And so on, and son.


Game Fund

There is also Game Found, where taxes are collected too.

Pips Tycoon Game Fund 2016 07 31 at $1629

Game Fund has different purpose than Game Budged.
It is collected to pay dividends per Game Shares (GASH)

Pips Tycoon Game Shares 2016 08 17

If you player owns number of shares, then every month, game pays you dividends, for owned shares. But there is limited amount of game shares, which is 1 000 000 (1 milion)

In July 2016, dividend prices were at $0.0016 per share and were at noticeable increase, from month to month. And so observer in further months after July 2016.

This part of the shares market is very dynamic. It goes up and down.

People buy cheap and sell for higher price. Specially after introduced fights, there was grown demand for shares, driving prices up. Yet, if somebody release for sell significant amount of shares, then prices are typically to drop, as sellers, will try to compete for potential buyer.

Best for longer term investment.


Why not set taxes higher, or maybe lower?


So maybe there will be a question, to say, why not to set taxes higher, for better bonuses and dividends.
Higher taxes on goods and services means, they are less attractive to be produced, or cost will be compensated by higher prices, making them less attractive for customers.

On other hand, lower taxes, could increase production of goods, potentially stimulate the market, yet i t would reflect in much longer period of waiting for higher energy bonuses, or much lower dividends. This makes less attractive for players. And flooding market with goods, which can not be sold, is neither good.


Share Bonus Budged


Pips Tycoon Share Bonus Budged 2016 08 17

Share Bonus Budged Is mostly interesting pace for companies owners, but also for anybody who owns theirs shares.

This budged is filled by transfer taxes from shares, as well as from player’s loads.
To gain from this bonus, you need to own at least one share. But also, company of owned shares, must meet requirements.
This requirements are also dynamic, and change, in respect, to how quick, or slow share bonus has been paid.

“Both workprocesses number and the given prize are automatically adjusted. If the prize is given faster then 20 days it double in value, otherwise it halves. If the qualified companies are more than 30, the needed workprocesses rise, if less than 20 companies qualifies wp decreases.”

To be qualified company, it need to satisfy number of workplaces, before this budged reaches its trigger level.
As per image example, it is set to 60.

Then Share Bonus Budged is distributed to such players of owned qualified companies shares, when the budged amount reaches the trigger level.
On the picture above, is set to $50.

If 50 companies will qualify at $50, this means $50 / 50 = $1 per company.
Further to that $1 is divided by 1000 shares. Typically company owner starts with 800 shares.
Rest are belonging to Game Fund, or players, which purchased these shares.
So as example 800 of 1000 is 80%, of which 80% from $1, it is $0.8 extra income.

So is to encourage companies, to be running and to providing work.