Last week, we talked about the new concept launched in Google’s I/O, the Material Design. Although, at first glance, it might seem like this is mostly dedicated to mobile apps and thing of sort, in fact, it is something that expands on all WWW, and that includes your website or blog.

If you listened to us, at this point, you should have a Google Analytics code installed on your website. Go ahead and log-in.

Now please click on Audience -> Mobile -> Devices (you will find it in the left sidebar, as shown below). This is a great indicator that shows you exactly how many people are visiting your website from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets etc.) and will help you optimize accordingly.


Now you see why Material Design is for you as well. So what should you do, as a blogger/site owner?

If you are also a designer, things are easy. Just start reinventing your layout. If, however, you are not talented in this area, don’t worry, the community is moving pretty fast. There already are a lot of resources you could use. Yeah, it will be a bit difficult, just as it was when the flat design wave hit us, but it’s not impossible. You’ll invest some time and, maybe, some money, but in the end you only have to gain.

Here are some resources you should consult:

Google Material Design – The beginning of a new era

This is our previous article in which we sitentized all important aspects of this new Material Design.

Google design (crash cource)

Find out what the guidelines, goals and principles are, to better understand where this whole thing is heading and what’s expected from your website.

431 FREE material designs icons

This is a great set of icons created by Taylor Ling. You are free to use them. Please note that each one of them has been coverted to .CSH (Photoshop Custom Shape Format). Changing your icons might not seem that big of a deal, but it’s a great first step in the good direction.

Material Design Inspiraton

Don’t know where to start? Here you can find concrete examples to serve as inspiration.