Do you have a blog and you are planning on updating your theme, or, perhaps you want to start a new one and you can’t decide on the aesthetics? Let’s see  the latest trends in WordPress themes.

Large of fullscreen background images

These themes are in fashion right now, and for a good reason. They look great if the website is responsive. Keep in mind that, without “responsiveness”, navigating on such a theme could prove to be quite a struggle for mobile users or for those who have small laptops.

If you would like to embrace this trend, make sure you have large enough pictures to use. No one wants to see pixels and, to be fair, a low quality (stretched) image would ruin the whole aspect.


Flat design

Friends, if you are STILL using shadows and gradients, it’s time to join the new era of flat designs. Perhaps you’ve noticed this trend is expanding rapidly and no one should stay behind. Even the huge companies who had non-flat logos (e.g. Microsoft, Apple) have “ironed” them. You don’t want your users to tell you “The 90s called, they want their design back”.


One page websites (with or without HTML5)

This particular trend is focused on easy navigation on touch screen devices, without affecting the UX of those who continue to use their laptops or desktop computers. Basically, we are talking about combining all the pages into one, with the navigation based mostly on scrolling. This way, the huge links lists are no longer necessary, thus simplifying the design.

Another clever aspect about this design is that it makes it harder for users to leave the website and you can provide the information in a structured manner (in a specific order), rather than leaving the user navigate the way he thinks best.


One rule to rule them all: SIMPLICITY!