Battle Jewelry


PipsTycoon has introduced recently new feature to jewlry, which adds extra attributes to character’s battle stats. This movement has proved, to be highly efficient, as it may be worth, equivalent of additional anything of 5 to 7 levels, turning simple jewelry into Battle Jewelry.

But before reading further, I would like just to make a little disclaimer, as AlexC has previously wrote about jewelry basics, in his Jewelry in Pipstycoon and how to use them article. But this article is taken from different angle.


Jewelry Basics

Jewelry (see market) is part of energy product, which by wearing, it gives up to 25 energy points, for full set. These points are useful in number of activities, like working, fighting, collecting energy bonuses, referrals and few more.

Jewelry is only product, which don’t expires, yet it requires periodical repairing, for which purpose repair kits are. Initial cost of jewelry can be high, however, once bought, repairing is much cheaper, than buying new jewel.

Full set (either Q1 – silver, Q2 – gold, Q3 – platinum) contains of 5 following items:

  • Ring
  • Earring
  • Pendant
  • Watch
  • Bracelet



Jewlry durability of each item is 200. Its degradation is 1 every day of use. It means that jewelry do not degrades, when not is not worn. Very useful feature, specially when renting it to others players.

After complete degradation, item do not become destroyed. Only turn useless, until fixed.

Fixing items with platinum repair kit (Q3), gives following result:

  • Ring – 70 %
  • Earring – 60%
  • Pendant  – 50%
  • Watch – 40%
  • Bracelet – 30%

Of course, buying higher quality repair kit, will give better fixing result, but may be inadequate (too expensive) for Q1 jewelry set.


Renting vs Owning

Renting individual items, or full set is much cheaper, than buying. Yet when purchasing, player can either wear it, rent to others.

Buying should be considered rather for long term investment. Also, once owner buys, it become independent, from market prices changes. Here may be good, to purchase repair kit set in advance, when prices are low. And use when needed, or prices are high.


Extra Attributes Points

Since jewelry are rather expensive, developers has introduced additional features to it, to compensate its cost. This has historical background and caring its legacy. However, this is not article about this.

So what the items can offer? Once jewel is produced, it displays only energy provided. But can not be used, unless purchased. Then when bought, random attribute is distributed, which are highly useful in fights (read more about below).

This attributes are relevant, as attributes of the character. Which can be:

  • Strength:
  • Agility
  • Vitality
  • Intelligence
  • Perception

The value of given attribute points to each item, is depending on item quality (Q1-Q3), as well as the type of jewel. Points can be given anything from 1 to 11. Or perhaps even higher.

For example, in this case platinum watch Q3, gives +11 strength

PipsTcyoon - Jewelry - Watch 11 strength

And here is example list for Q3 platinum bracelets, with different attributes.

Jewelry - Bracelet renal


This may result during wearing full set, of having anything from 20 to 40 additional attribute points!

This is equivalent of 4 to 8 levels!! As you get 5 attribute points per level.


Fighting with, or without set

Instead of guessing, what if, here are pure examples of stats, before and after wearing.

First screen shows when jewelry set Q3 was off.

PipsTycoon - Jewel Off

Jewellry Set Off

Second screen shows when jewelry set Q3 was on.

PipsTycoon - Jewel On

Jewellry Set On

So by comparing both screes, it can be noticed significant increase in stats.

Only missing stamina comparison. But after wearing set, it reaches 157. From article PipsTycoon Introduces Fighting System it can be calculated that initial stamina at vitality of 36 is 36 (current) – 28 (initial) * 3 (stamina per point) + 100 (stamina) = 8 * 3 +100 = 24 + 100 = 124 stamina, before jewelry. So 157 – 124 is extra 33 stamina!

And also, see additional drop chance, which has increased by 5, because of each worn jewel.


Yet, how this reflects the fight results?

Lets see. Following comparison is on exactly same level 9 of the character and attributes has not been reset.

First screen shows when jewelry set Q3 was off.

PipsTycoon - Jewel Off - Fight Result

PipsTycoon – Jewel Off – Fight Result with Raged Snail Level 6 (+4xp)

Second screen shows when jewelry set Q3 was on.

PipsTycoon - Jewel On - Fight Result

PipsTycoon – Jewel On – Fight Result with Raged Snail Level 6 (+4xp) and Crazed Chiwawa Level 8 (+7.11xp)

Further fights gave another 2 wins with Crazed Chiwawa in a row.

And mobs levels for reference

PipsTycoon - MObs level 2-17

PipsTycoon – Mobs level 2-17


So what all that means?

Jewelry become Battle Jewelry, which are highly valuable gear in taking fights.

Better gear, means better mobs to kill. Hence, higher experience, advantage over other players and higher chance for better and more drops, since frequency of killing increases too. Unless going for much higher mobs killing. And of course, lesser wearing of gear, per higher gain.

Having more drops, player increases its asset and can become more valuable, than chance for cash reward from mob fights. This is because, either player can reuse own drops for upgrading gear, or for selling drops and upgraded gear in Black Market (both features since October 2016). Which automatically turning into a nice profit.


Thx For Surviving This Article To The END 😉

Hope this was helpful and explanatory.

Please comment with your thought, or maybe you have spot an error, or something to add.

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